Article: “National Law Journal”/”Supreme Court Brief” Discusing Our Position on Obergefell Recusal

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U.S. Supreme Court Reporter Tony Mauro wrote about our article explaining the impropriety of failing to recuse in the Obergefell organization. The Article was entitled “Motion Urging Recusal in Marriage Cases Surfaces on Supreme Court Docket.”

“The recusal request was posted on the court’s docket last week, according to William Olson and Herbert Titus, lawyers for the U.S. Justice Foundation, which filed a brief against same-sex marriage in a related case. They wrote about the recusal motion on the foundation’s website on June 19. Olson said the justices should recuse in part because, after officiating at same-sex ceremonies, they would be biased to vote in favor of such marriages so as not to tarnish their personal and professional reputations. Read More

AJC: Gay marriage opponents: Supreme Court ruling would “destroy this country”

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The Atlanta Journal Constitution quotes from our article about Building Resistance to Same Sex Marriage which appeared in several publications, including: Read More

SCOTUSBlog discusses our Brief in Rodriguez v. United States

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SCOTUSblog published a preview of the oral argument in Rodriguez v. United States, and discussed our amicus brief:
“One amicus brief was filed in support of each side. While the parties avoid the question whether a dog sniff is a “search,” the U.S. Justice Foundation argues in support of Rodriguez that the Jardines and Jones decisions should call Caballes into question on this point, and that a dog sniff of one’s car should not be allowed without independent Fourth Amendment justification. Pitching a portion of its argument, apparently, at common-law enthusiasts such as Justice Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas, this amicus brief cites political philosopher John Locke from 1690 (about property rights, not cars, of course).” Read More